I was tagged by Carissa over at Rosi Posie’s Place! Thank you Carissa!

So here goes…

1. Favorite Sport: Badminton (although I’m still trying to get good at it), jogging, and I like volleyball but I can’t really play it.

2. A Good Name for a Dog: Spotty, Lieutenant, Sargent, or Corporal

3. Favorite Animal: Cows, I know you don’t hear that very often. I also love farm animals.

4. Favorite Subject in School: History and Math.

5. Favorite Drink: Pepsi!! Okay I don’t drink it very often… 🙂

6. Last song you heard: “Come Thou Almighty King” I love that hymn.

7. Do you like to make people laugh?: Yes…but  mostly my sisters. Especially Becky, she laughs pretty quick. 🙂

8. Favorite Color: To name a few: Orange, Olive green, Purple (depends on the kind of purple)

9. Favorite Hobby: Besides baking, I also love to read.

10. School Grade You are in: I’m going to be a junior this year!

Thank you for tagging me Carissa! I enjoyed it.

Be sure to check out her blog!

I tag:

Whoever wants to comment and answer the questions above. 🙂


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