Homemade Pizza!

This pizza is the new recipe I sort of “made up”. Pizza is not something new to people, but this is a different style of pizza. I used French bread as the pizza “dough”.

NOTE: I recommend using double the ingredients than what you see in the pictures because the first time I tried it, the pizza came out kind of dry. So I tried it again a second time adding more ingredients and it came out just right.

Here it is…

Cut your loaf of french bread in half width-wise and then cut the half  loaf  in three length-wise.  Grate some Marbled Jack Cheese…

…and spread it on all your pieces of bread (it came out way better when we added more cheese)

Thinly slice some onion, bell pepper (I got to use some from my garden) and some tomatoes. The different thing with this pizza is that it doesn’t have any sauce, but the tomatoes make up for that.

Spread everything on a cookie sheet

Grab some ham and dry salami and chop them up

spread them on a cookie sheet and pop them in the oven together with the veggies at 475 degrees. Keep an eye on them though, they burn quickly. You want to leave them until they start to sizzle a little. I burned the salami the first time I tried it. 🙂

Spread the ham and salami on the breads…

followed by the tomatoes…

…and the onions and bell peppers

Spread a layer of mozzarella cheese on top and sprinkle some freshly-cut basil. Place the pizza in right on the oven grate (I promise, this won’t get your oven messy) . After 2-3 min. check if the cheese is melted and if the bread is a little golden brown. Serve warm and Enjoy!

Now for the end results…


Here’s the recipe. You can change the quantity of the ingredients according to taste and preference.


1 1/2 loafs of French Bread

2 1/2 cups Marbled Jack Cheese

4 slices Ham

5 slices Italian Dry Salami (or any dry salami you have on hand)

3 Tomatoes

2 Bell Peppers (You can use green, orange, and red) I used all three kinds because I had smaller bell peppers

1/3 onion

2 cups Mozzarella Cheese

Freshly-cut Basil


Preheat your oven to 475 degrees.

Cut your loaf of bread in half width-wise. Then cut your halves in three length-wise.  Spread a layer of marbled jack cheese on all the breads and set aside. Thinly cut your tomatoes, onions, and bell peppers and spread them on a cookie sheet. Cut the ham and dry salami in pieces and spread them on another cookie sheet. Place both cookie sheets in the oven and leave them there until they start to sizzle a little. Keep an eye on them though, they burn quickly. Once they’re done, spread some ham and salami on your pizzas followed by the tomatoes, bell peppers and onions. Spread a layer of mozzarella cheese on top and then sprinkle some freshly-cut basil. Place your pizza directly on the oven grate, and leave them there for about 2-3 min. just until the cheese is melted and the bread is golden brown. Serve warm and Enjoy!


When you have sweet friends!

Amy over at Let My Life Be A Light gave me this sweet blog award! Thank you Amy! I’m blessed to have a friend like you!

Liebster, meaning sweet or kind…

…and this  really is a sweet and kind award.

Hopefully I’ll be able to post more often. BTW, we have another birthday coming up in our family on Saturday. I may or may not bake something new. I think I’ll end up baking a simple brownie (been having it a lot lately), because on Sat. my sisters and I are going to participate in the Bootcamp Challenge! We’re really looking forward to it!


What 9/11 means to me…

September 11th…It means two completely different things for me…the day when so many people died and such a tragic terrorist attack happened…and the day when my little sister Sarah was born on the same day in 2006…

Now ten years later, I remember not one, but two things that happened on that day in different years.

I don’t exactly remember the exact day when 9/11 happened. I was only six years old. My mom was telling  my sisters and I if we remember when we saw the twin towers two years before. She was trying to explain to us the events of the day, but being so small, I couldn’t fully understand the tragedy of it all.

Five years after the 9/11 attack, my mom gave birth to my little sister Sarah. She’s “A 9/11 Baby” as people would call her.

This morning she woke us all up shouting “Good morning, it’s my birthday, I’m five! Wake up, it’s my birthday, I’m five!” That sure made my day!

On Sarah’s birthday we went to the beach and enjoyed a glorious day. Really, it was sunny, and nice, and just wonderful. Then we went to Barnes & Noble and enjoyed flipping through books.

For Sarah’s cake, I didn’t have the time to bake anything fancy and special (well it was special in the end). I just baked a brownie (fastest thing) and covered it with chocolate whipping cream. We also poured some strawberry puree on top (and my mom made a design with white whipping cream).

I love chocolate and strawberry together!

The sweet 5 year-old birthday girl 🙂  She got the cowboy hat for her birthday.

At our beach. They held a service in honor of 9/11

Countless names…

A cutie…

…and a smaller cutie

The End…


P.S. Sorry for writing so much, there was a lot to explain, and forget the fact that this post is a day old. 🙂

Lack of Posting!

I know I haven’t posted anything in a LONG time, but life has been extremely busy these days and I scarcely had time to even think about baking anything. I did bake my grandmothers marble cake recently but it was gobbled up too quickly for me to take a picture of it. So you’ll have to bear with me until I get to bake something else. 🙂 That might be at the end of this week because there’s a birthday coming up in our family very very soon. 🙂

So  stay tuned…