That’s it. Summer is long gone.

Me: “Oh summer dear, why did you leave? You didn’t even send me those hot lazy days where I can spend all my time cooling off in the ocean!”

Others: “Hurray for autumn! Welcome back! Ah the chilly weather, how we’ve missed you!”

Me *sulking*: “Humph!”

Me again: “Hey but wait, Thanksgiving and Christmas are around the corner…and I get to bake again!”

Yesterday I helped my mom make marmalade. We made a mixture of pears, apples and plums. It’s a very nice combination.

I had some for breakfast this morning and it was very delicious!


Happy 1st. Birthday Faith Caroline!

She was such a little baby a year ago!

Now look how big she is!

Happy 1st. Birthday Faith Caroline! I love, love, love you! 🙂

For Faith’s birthday I decided to try a new cake. Not a very wise idea when so many people are looking forward to it. But before I ended up messing it too much, I got to repair it and make it look much prettier.

We saw a video about a train cake and my mom had the idea to do it for Faith’s birthday. So we gave it a try.

So I started the new cake I wanted try. If you ever want to try it here is how you can do it. This cake wasn’t like the brownie-type cake we expected to eat, but it was okay. 🙂

You start by mixing together the flour, cocoa powder, baking powder, baking soda, and salt

Beat butter and sugar together

Add eggs one at a time beating after each one

Hello there… 🙂

Beat in the vanilla

Alternately add flour mixture and milk to beaten mixture until it comes out something like this

Prepare your pans (in my case, I used these three pans in order to make the train cake) you can use whatever you want

Put them in the oven at 35o degrees for 30 min

Now for the frosting. I didn’t like the taste the sour cream gave it so I would recommend that you don’t use it. It didn’t taste really bad, but it wasn’t the best either.

Start with the chocolate chips

I know, a lot, I could have done one batch of chocolate chip cookies with this. Maybe next time I’ll think twice.

Add one stick of butter…

…and mix over medium low heat

I love chocolate!

Add the powdered sugar and if you want the sour cream

The frosting

I didn’t take any pictures while we were in the process of making the train. Believe me, we got the kitchen VERY messy. My mom and I were working on the cakes, putting them in the freezer, cutting, arranging, rearranging, frosting, freezing them again, and putting a final coat of frosting. The cakes became so messy that I thought it would turn out terrible. But we finally got it to look like a train and when the decorating part came (that was the funnest part) everyone pitched in.

And now for the finished product…

ta-da! The train was in the fridge here

This was more of a cargo train 🙂

The little birthday girl with her train cake.

She really liked it!

Now it’s time to…

…dive in the cake!

“Want an M&M?”

She didn’t really think or know that the cake was for eating so daddy had to show her how to “eat” the cake with her hand 🙂

Sarah was pretty sad to see the cake get so destroyed 🙂

“Please don’t ask me to smile mommy, I’m busy eating my cake” 🙂

Abby with Faith, who was still busy with her cake

It’s been a long day, but Praise the Lord for all His blessings! Faith Caroline is such a wonderful gift to our family!


My Blog…

Is under construction…this is the surprise I had for my blog! I still need to make a lot of changes and in order to do that, I need my oldest sisters’ help. I’m not very wordpress savvy. 🙂


About the bootcamp challenge and Abigail’s Birthday!

Okay, so this post didn’t come as soon as I intended it to come, but oh well, here it is…

It’s time I told you how the bootcamp challenge went and also how Abigail’s birthday went.

The night before the bootcamp challenge we had the “athlete’s dinner” like I would call it. It is said that…

…spaghetti gives you energy when you eat it the day before a race.

The race went really well, it was really nice to actually use the real obstacles that the Marine recruits use in bootcamp. It was quite tiring though, hopping over logs and jumping over haystacks isn’t something we are used to doing while we jog. We did have a few D.I.’s (drill instructors) scream and yell at us to go faster. 🙂

After the race, I baked a batch of my grandmother’s marble cake. It can hold so many memories…watching my grandma bake the cake…sitting on the counter while my grandma was mixing the batter and being allowed to lick the spoon or the spatula…that was so long ago! It’s known as “grandma’s marble cake” among us.

This was Abby’s birthday cake. We were so tired after the race that we just ate the cake quickly without singing “Happy Birthday”. Well, we were in a hurry to go to a neighbor’s house anyways so that’s one reason why we didn’t sing. 🙂

So this pretty much sums up what we did on Abby’s birthday. She came in 4th place in her age group! If she would’ve been 40 seconds faster, she would’ve carried a 3rd place medal home. Oh well, maybe next year. 🙂

I’ll have a little surprise for my blog (hopefully soon), so stay tuned…