Thanksgiving Planning!

Hurray! Thanksgiving is just around corner!!! Actually it’s practically upon us! Yippee! Imagine my excitement!

I love baking for the holidays! How about you?

I already planned what I want to bake for Thanksgiving!

Here’s my little list for this years’ Thanksgiving besides the main meal:

1.  Pie

2. Pie

3. And….Pie 🙂

6. Sweet Potatoes with marshmallows on top (this isn’t exactly a dessert)

I want to bake three different kinds of pies (I won’t tell you want kind they are yet) I’ll post about them though so stay tuned.

So what  are your plans for Thanksgiving? Are you baking/cooking anything extra special? Are you trying anything new or are you sticking with your old recipes? What’s your favorite Thanksgiving dish? Are you a turkey fan or do you love dessert time?

I would love to hear from you my readers, this is a time for all those who never ever commented, but who are reading my blog on a regular basis, to drop a note. 🙂



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