No Knead Bread!

Guest post by Rebekah my sister

Hello everyone. Before there was a Jessica the Baker, there was a Becky the Baker. Uh-huh, that’s right! Lol! That is, until I got caught up in a lot of schoolwork.  Then I retired from baking.

But now I’m back in business 😉 And all just because of that beautiful loaf of bread up there in the photo. And no, I didn’t stop doing my schoolwork to make it either.

No, the truth is, I cannot believe I am actually making bread! The kind of bread we’ve been wanting for years! The Lord granted me the grace to find a perfect bread recipe that requires practically zero work! That’s why it’s called No Knead, because you don’t have to knead it and spend hours working on it.
And the best part is I can make this bread even while I am in school. It’s the bread for people with busy, hectic schedules. A no-stress bread.

It turns out lovely and tastes great. My family and I gobbled it up like an eating machine.

Want the recipe? Well, I’m not good and kind like Jessica is. You have to pay for the recipe. So this time you’ll have to leave a comment to get it 🙂

Note: recipe coming up! Subscribe if you want to get more delicious recipes!


11 thoughts on “No Knead Bread!

  1. Hello!
    Would you please send me a recipe?

    I am on the journey =) to provide homemade bread for my husband and I, and am looking for a good recipe.

    Thank you!

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