Anna’s Birthday and Armed Forces Day!

Note: This post is about two weeks old (oops!) it happens sometimes. 🙂  I had it in drafts for a while and I finally found the opportunity to post it. Enjoy! 


Two weeks ago my sister Anna turned 11! Her birthday fell exactly on Armed Forces day and we were excited to go to the annual Operation Appreciation!  We  enjoyed seeing the military vehicle static display and the big LCAC Hover Craft!

I made a surprise birthday cake for Anna ( courtesy of the Betty Crocker kitchens). She was very surprised and she loved it.

The butterfly cake I made for Anna

We decorated the cake the night before so the M&Ms were already giving out their color and the cake was coated in whipping cream so that made it look messier. But it’s homemade. 

Anna the birthday girl!

In a 7-ton truck with Anna and Sarah

Three little girls in front of a BIG LCAC Hovercraft 🙂

Can anyone spot Caroline? Lol!

 For the butterfly cake I made a regular brownie and shaped it like a butterfly, the way  they demonstrate here.




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