Today,  June 13th is a very special day, and we- the happy recipients of all those delicious recipes Jessica posts on her blog, have decided to hack into her little corner of the web without her knowledge- to give a special announcement!

Today is Jessica the Baker’s birthday!  And guess what? Being the baker of the family she will be baking her own birthday cake which will looks similar to this:

Happy Birthday in the Lord, Jessica!

Here are some random facts about the birthday girl:

– she can make us laugh with her witty remarks and impersonations

– she’s a master baking chef (guess you can tell by the delish recipes she posts!).

– she has a bright and sunny personality

– she just finished a thick book of Pre-Calculus a day before her birthday (applause, applause).

– she is a great sister!

Can you guess how old she is turning?

P.S. comments really brightens her day 😉


6 thoughts on “HAPPY BIRTHDAY in the Lord JESSY!

  1. Happy birthday, Jessica! I hope that you had a wonderful day. May the Lord bless you in this new and and shower you with His many mercies! Thank you for being a great friend!

    Are you turning 16?

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JESSICA! I hope that you had a lovely day! Thanks for being my friend…I’ve really enjoyed getting to know you through the last months. And, I hope, that one day we’ll all be able to meet! Thanks for keeping up your blog so diligently; though I don’t comment very often, I read all your posts 🙂

    Happy Birthday, dear friend!

    Are you turning 17?

  3. Happy birthday, Jessica! I hope that you had a wonderful day full of many lovely memories! May you continue to live for the Lord and grow in Him in the days and years to come.

    In Christ,

  4. Happy Birthday JESSICA! May God bless you and give you the desires of your heart! Hope you had a fun time on your B-day.


  5. Hey, Jessy! HAPPY BIRTHDAT IN THE LORD!!! May God bless you on your very special day and always. I hope you have a fun birthday and make many memories to cherish. (Sorry I’m a day late! 😀 ) Happy 17th Birthday cousin!

    • Hi Kimmy,

      What a nice surprise to see your comment on my blog! Thanks for the sweet comment and I can’t wait to see you again sometimes this summer!

      Your cousin,

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