Homemade Nutella

You’re probably thinking to yourself “Really? Homemade Nutella? Are you the crazy kind of person that makes everything from scratch like even your ketchup and mustard?” Well, yes and no, not really. There’s nothing wrong with buying those things from the store. It’s so easy to just grab that jar off the shelf and your done. No extra work, no headaches about whether it will taste all right. But really, did you ever read the ingredients that go into those jars?

Thanks to my sister Becky, we now no longer buy Nutella. 😦 Yeah, I know, you can cry for me…and that’s because of the bad ingredients they put in it, one of them being palm oil.

Anyways, we saw a recipe for homemade Nutella on Pinterest, but never actually got down to doing it (you know, some things you pin just never get done) 🙂

We were excited when our uncle gave us a whole bag of hazelnuts! My sisters quickly tackled the task of making the homemade Nutella.


It was no easy work I tell you! First they had to take the hazelnuts out of the shell…


which had to be hammered out, and that took awhile


You may think that once you’ve got your little gems taken out, you’re close to done…not even! 🙂


Then the hard part begins. Roasting, and boiling them in water and baking soda to take their skins off! Whew! That is a whole process in itself, but then you’re finally able to mix these with all the other ingredients.


At last, you end up with this glorious hazelnut spread that we all know and love, and call Nutella! 🙂


Yes, it’s a bit of work (okay, maybe a little more), but it’s SO worth making! Oh the taste! It’s just like the real thing!


We left ours a little on the chunky side, but you can blend it in your food processor until you reach a creamy paste.


And the best thing about this is eating it on homemade bread! Divine!


My mom made this French Bread just in time for us to try it with out Nutella


Let me know if you want this French Bread recipe and I’ll post it


We’ve tried it twice now, and both times it was gone really fast. 🙂


So make yourself some homemade Nutella. Protect yourself from all those harmful ingredients and enjoy something delicious! 🙂

You can also give these as gifts (if you don’t eat it yourself faster than you can give it to someone else 🙂 )

And in case you’re interested in my sister’s side of the story, click here 🙂

Homemade Nutella
makes for 3 jars
200 g Hazelnuts
1 can Condensed Milk
255 g Chocolate – the darker the better
1/2 cup hot Milk
If you are starting with hazelnuts that are not yet shelled, you will have to follow the process of cracking the shell with a hammer. Then you boil the hazelnuts in baking soda and water for a few minutes and immerse them in cold water before you peel the skins away. Roast the hazelnuts for about 10-15 minutes either in the oven or in a dry pan over the heat. When the nuts are ready put them on a tray or a magazine and let them cool down a little. Once they are not hot anymore, place them in the food processor and start processing them. It will be quite a while, if you don’t have a very professional machine, like me. The hazelnuts will become Hazelnut butter and will look like this. When you’re done with this, start bringing water to a boil. Place a big bowl over the water and melt the chocolate.

When the chocolate has melted, pour the condensed milk in.  Mix them together. Then get ready to add the mixture to the hazelnut butter and process it some more. Add the hot milk if you find it too dense, I did. But if you like it thick, then you can leave the milk out. 

When it is creamy enough, Nutella has been created! Congrats! Brace yourself for some battle with yourself, it will be VERY hard not to eat a lot 🙂


Jessica the Baker


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