2 September Birthdays

We just love this Raspberry Chocolate Cake! It really is the greatest and easiest chocolate cake ever. I think this year we had it for 4 birthdays, so that says a lot! As you can guess, two of those birthdays were this September.


I tried my hand at piping a big rose. I’m pretty pleased with how this cake turned out, trust me I’ve had far worse looking cakes before! 🙂




Yep, someone was turning 8!



My little (big!) 9/11 baby sister! Actually, she’s not a baby anymore… she’s a big sister to little miss Caroline 🙂


Here is the other birthday cake for my older sister Abby


My mom decorated it and I think she did a wonderful job with the roses (can you tell we’re pretty obsessed with piping roses on cakes? I just think it looks so pretty and fancy! )


This birthday girl actually won third place at the Bootcamp Challenge 3-mile obstacle course a few days after her birthday! That was really a highlight for all of us!


So even though I’ve shared this recipe with you before, I couldn’t resist sharing these other cakes with you. As you can see, there’s a million jillion ways to make a cake, all you need to have mastered is the cake and filling. 🙂

Happy Baking Everyone!

Jessica the Baker