100th Blog Post!!!!

I saved the best dessert for my 100th blog post! I made these at the beginning of this year, and here they find their way on my blog at the end of the year.


This is by far the hardest most delicious dessert I’ve ever made! Forget chocolate chip cookies and brownies, these make you feel like you’re a French chef 😉


Amandine is a Romanian dessert, a delicacy that is enjoyed as one of the nations’ top desserts. I grew up eating these as a little girl, but never dreamed of making them myself, let alone have them turn out right!


The cake is chocolate and it is soaked in a rum essence flavored coffee syrup, and layered with a chocolate cream


Then each piece has chocolate ganache poured on top. Clearly, to die for!


So you could say that this is kind of like a mocha cake


Why is this so hard you ask?


Well, in a way it’s not that hard, but it takes a while make


You have to get the syrup just right, and soak the cake with just the right amount of it or else it won’t taste like Amandine


Then there’s the chocolate cream that has to have the right amount of rum essence in it


And of course, you have to make these look beautiful!  🙂



Who wouldn’t want to have a tray full of these delicious goodies?


They’re so pretty, people won’t believe they’re homemade

IMG_5117Once people get a bite out of one of these yummy things, they’ll love you forever! 🙂 Trust me, these are gone in a matter of minutes, especially if they’re served at a big family gathering (speaking from experience here 🙂 )

So if you want the recipe you know who to contact… 😉

Jessica the Baker


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