Sweet Walnut Bread + Sweet Crescent Rolls

We’ve been doing some Christmas baking and sharing, as well as Christmas caroling lately! I love spreading the Christmas cheer to everyone around me! 🙂

It’s not Christmas in our house if we don’t make this delicious sweet walnut bread. My sister is usually in charge to make it every year, and this year is going to be no different. It always disappears way too fast! This year she decided to make a video showing you how to make it! I’m excited to share it with you!


This sweet walnut bread is a traditional Romanian holiday dessert. It has a chocolate walnut filling with rum essence. The rum essence is what gives this bread it’s special, unique, and delicious taste!


And because everything is much cuter in miniature form, I also made mini sweet walnut breads!



They turned out absolutely darling, and I’m so glad I had the perfect cupcake liners to put them in!


When you break into one of these soft breads it’s like eating a soft sweet pillow.


Seriously, these are a chocolate walnut version of cinnamon rolls (these don’t have cinnamon though).


I had leftover filling so I made these crescent rolls that are also a Romanian dessert. We love European desserts! 🙂


Traditionally these are filled with jam, but this time I just used the chocolate filling and they turned out amazing!



Now it was time to share! We packed some mini walnut muffins together with some crescent rolls and headed to our neighbors to carol and share some of our Christmas baking.


I wanted to make some Pinterest-inspired packaging, but I’m not too artistic (I had a Pintrosity moment) and since we were in hurry, I just used a regular paper plate wrapped in plastic foil, and tied it with baker’s twine. My sister had the idea of adding the gingerbread tag. It turned out pretty cute after all (I think).

 What have you been baking this Christmas season? What is your favorite Christmas dessert?

Jessica the Baker


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