Wow! Christmas is just 5 days away! Does anyone else feel like it’s coming way too fast? I’m not even done Christmas shopping!  But I’m loving all this Christmas baking.Yum, yum! I’m definitely making my Cinnamon Rolls for Christmas morning breakfast. It’s a tradition we’ve started a few years ago, and we always look forward to it.


So to stick with the European Christmas desserts I’ve been posting here lately, I’m sharing yet another Romanian recipe with you. I tried these gingerbread for the first time from scratch (I always ate them store-bought) and they were amazing.


They’re not exactly a cookie, more like a cross between a cookie and a cake, if that makes sense. And compared to the traditional American gingerbread cookies, these don’t have molasses in them, but they’re really good!


My dad doesn’t like gingerbread cookies but he actually loves this gingerbread. These are a little more dense, and sometimes they are best after a few days even if they harden a little bit. And they are glazed with a gingerbread glaze…the best part!


These gingerbreads would work perfectly with coffee, hot chocolate, or tea. Traditionally they are called “Turta Dulce” which literally means sweet cake.


These would be perfect to give as gifts. I know for most people Christmas is a lot about cookies. Well, how about giving someone a little something different? A new style of gingerbread cookies? I can guarantee you people will love these!

Comment if you want the recipe!

Jessica the Baker


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